Ministry of St. Francis of Assisi

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Welcome to the Ministry of St. Francis of Assisi.  We are a ministry of compassion and peace.  We invite you to list your prayer requests on this page.  Please note that this page is checked frequently throughout the day.  Please do not hesitate to contact us with any additional spiritual, end of life or grief needs.  Thank you and God bless you! 


4 weeks ago by Joyce oreiilly Pray for me
I'm asking for your help in prayer again my cat velvet is doing better but we still need more prayers to get her cloudy eye heal and whatever else might be going on with her thank you amen

Prayers for my beloved pet

4 weeks ago by Giovanna Pray for me
I have the sweetest most loving and loyal dog. His name is Bronson. He has an aggressive form of cancer and many lipomas on his body that cause a burning pain. Please pray for a miracle cure, and if not possible that his last days are happy, peaceful, pain free, and when he passes it is peaceful.

Prayers for Cullen

4 weeks ago by Pastor Bonnie Pray for me
Urgent prayers are needed for Cullen who was injured in a lacrosse game last night. He has a lacerated liver and torn spleen. He was transported to the ICU at Children's hospital in New Orleans.

Tux my cat is sick

1 months ago by Vanda and Pat Pray for me
Please pray for Tux, we are off to the vetrinarian

Prayers for Sparky

1 months ago by Albert Pray for me
Update from previous prayer request - I'm sorry to tell you that Sparky has developed another issue. He has a tumor. Please pray for him that God will help us to be able to help him. The poor dog has gone through so much as he has diabetes and cushing's but he's such a trooper. Also a prayer that I will not be played off so I can afford his care if the tumor is benign. If it's Gods will that he is to pass I ask for prayers to help us deal with his loss if if and when it happens. Thank you again and may God also bless you all.

Velvet a girl cat

1 months ago by Joyce Pray for me
Please pray for my velvet her left leg is limping and her cloudy eye she is an older cat maybe 14 yrs old but our family will be lost without her she is so good please put her in your prayers thank you

Velvet my cat

1 months ago by Joyce Pray for me
Velvet has a cloudy right eye and I need additional prayers with mine to heal whatever is going on with her. Please add her to your prayers thank you

Surgery for my pet!

1 months ago by Melody Pray for me
Please pray for my cat simba, as his intestines have an intussusception thought to be caused by a foreign object he ate, he is having surgery tomorrow and i am extremely worried! please pray that his intestines are not necrotic and that he gets no complications, thank you so much!!!.

Prayers for broken rib

1 months ago by Pastor Bonnie Pray for me
From Johnny..."I want to ask you all to pray for me, I fell at work today and broke a rib which is very painful. :( I know that prayer works and I know that I can get through this with your prayers lifting me up and my faith in the Lord. Have a good night my friends and family, count your blessings tonight and thank the Lord for them before you go to bed."

Urgent Prayers for Jim, the senior canine

1 months ago by Pastor Bonnie Pray for me
This came through the Facebook page. I personally know this family..."Asking for prayers for our sweet Jim...About an hour ago, Ruby alerted us that something was wrong with him. She woke Connor up first and then he came and frantically woke me up. Our Jim was having a grandmal seizure and it would be the first of two, possibly three that he had within a short period of time. Each lasted at least 5 minutes. The boys ran down the street to get Dr. Greg, our amazing vet, as Jim was not coming out of the last one and we thought we were losing him. Dr. Greg helped us get Jim loaded so we could transport him to the emergency vet. They are running blood work now and talking about all sorts of scary possibilities. I'm overwhelmed. I'm scared for our boy and I'm sad. Please pray that he comes through this."