Ministry of St. Francis of Assisi

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Welcome to the Ministry of St. Francis of Assisi.  We are a ministry of compassion and peace.  We invite you to list your prayer requests on this page.  Please note that this page is checked frequently throughout the day.  Please do not hesitate to contact us with any additional spiritual, end of life or grief needs.  Thank you and God bless you! 

Surgery for my pet!

2 months ago by Melody Pray for me
Please pray for my cat simba, as his intestines have an intussusception thought to be caused by a foreign object he ate, he is having surgery tomorrow and i am extremely worried! please pray that his intestines are not necrotic and that he gets no complications, thank you so much!!!.

Prayers for broken rib

2 months ago by Pastor Bonnie Pray for me
From Johnny..."I want to ask you all to pray for me, I fell at work today and broke a rib which is very painful. :( I know that prayer works and I know that I can get through this with your prayers lifting me up and my faith in the Lord. Have a good night my friends and family, count your blessings tonight and thank the Lord for them before you go to bed."

Urgent Prayers for Jim, the senior canine

2 months ago by Pastor Bonnie Pray for me
This came through the Facebook page. I personally know this family..."Asking for prayers for our sweet Jim...About an hour ago, Ruby alerted us that something was wrong with him. She woke Connor up first and then he came and frantically woke me up. Our Jim was having a grandmal seizure and it would be the first of two, possibly three that he had within a short period of time. Each lasted at least 5 minutes. The boys ran down the street to get Dr. Greg, our amazing vet, as Jim was not coming out of the last one and we thought we were losing him. Dr. Greg helped us get Jim loaded so we could transport him to the emergency vet. They are running blood work now and talking about all sorts of scary possibilities. I'm overwhelmed. I'm scared for our boy and I'm sad. Please pray that he comes through this."

Baby Goats In Need Of Healing

2 months ago by Jo Ann Pray for me
I have 2 precious little baby goats (male & female) that have cleft palate. When they drink milk, some of the milk comes out of their nose. Sometimes they have like raspy breathing & heard it could get worst. They deserve to be healthy & have a normal life like the others. I pray God will touch them & heal them. I ask to please pray for a miraculous recovery for both of them & all the animals in need of prayers. Thank you for your prayers!

Grief over loss of Brady, her dog

2 months ago by Laura Fuhrman Pray for me
Lord please be with Laura and her family as they mourn their tremendous loss. Lord please help her through this process and help her heal and know that Brady is safe in your loving arms. In Jesus name Amen.

urgent request for prayer against legal action

2 months ago by abdul-basit mahama Pray for me
I am a 37 year old banker from Ghana. My employer AGRICULTURAL DEVELOPMENT BANK GHANA has reported a case to the police against me for taking some money belonging to the bank. i have admitted and asked for time to refund the money but they are still trying to go to court and jail me. i have a young family with two small children who would suffer. I have contemplated suicide, i cannot stand the pressure and embarrassment. Man of God please help me resolve this matter and restore my career. It is urgent. God bless.

Prayer Request for Paws

2 months ago by Samantha Pray for me
Please pray for healing for my cat Paws. He has been throwing up and not eating. He is currently at the vet being monitored over the weekend. The vet found on an x ray he was extremely constipated, and hopefully he is on the road to recovery now. Thank you all!

Prayer Request For My Dog

2 months ago by anonymous Pray for me
Please ask God to heal my Dog. I will take him to the vet in the morning but I ask God to watch over him tonight and to please help him to feel better if it be His will. I do ask God to please touch and heal the animals who have loving owners and have posted their requests here too.

Foster kittens having surgery today

3 months ago by anonymous Pray for me
Please pray for four kittens that we are fostering as they undergo spaying & neutering today. They also need prayers to help find they're forever families. Caramel, Clara, Russell & Tony are sweet, affectionate & fun little cats and need God's blessings for a full & happy life. We already have 6 cats of our own, so we cannot keep them. We're praying for all the requests here as well. Thank you & God bless!

miracles for healing relationship

3 months ago by J Pray for me
father, please help me, You knows my pain, You always know what was happened because You see everything a most hidden corner though God knows, I come with a broken heart, I need You. please forgive me and damianus aditya too. Father, You knows how long I have waited a reconcilitation and restore relations for me and him. Please God soften and touch damianus aditya christie heart for me. I can?t touch his heart but Lord you can. I always try to be strong, but to be honest I was deeply hurt. please bless those who hate me, I never want to hurt them or avenge their treatment, I just want them to know I was still there, I'm alive, and I'm still waiting for a miracle. I'm still waiting for the doors of their hearts open to me. please touched me, treat wounds within me, help me to move as you wish, to delete all trauma. I?m putting the disappointments, pain and my whole hope in Your hands, please make this miracle happen for me