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Welcome to the Ministry of St. Francis of Assisi.  We are a ministry of compassion and peace.  We invite you to list your prayer requests on this page.  Please note that this page is checked frequently throughout the day.  Please do not hesitate to contact us with any additional spiritual, end of life or grief needs.  Thank you and God bless you! 


6 months ago by AATHIRA KRISHNAN Pray for me

Missing Cockatiel

7 months ago by Leanne Kalusik Pray for me
Please pray for my missing bird, Jesse, to be found and returned home safe and sound. He has been missing for 7 months and it is now becoming winter. He is dearly loved and missed.

Pray for fatally ill Kitten

7 months ago by Aaron Pray for me
I have a 7 month old kitten named Pickles, he was a stray diagnosed with FELV/FIV (fatally dangerous) and my prayer from the bottom of my soul is for him to be healed and live the long, happy, joyful, loving life that he deserves, the LOVE this kitten has is incredible, I am autistic and disabled due to it and the joy and love he has brought into my life has been immense, and my sorrow for his illness is a rainfall of tears forming an ocean of despair in my heart, a cloak of sorrows covers me in emotional torment, fear and hopelessness rule my thoughts, pain and sorrow grip me I beg for your prayers

Healing pray for Vada

8 months ago by Susan Pray for me
Please pray for Vada's surgery today. She ate something and it's wrapped around her intestines. Pray for Dr. Judy as he operates on Vada today. Pray that Vada survives the surgery.

exam to get a job

8 months ago by FRYJO K.F Pray for me
st francis , i have an technical exam on dec 9th.exam is beyond my knowledge and capability.i am competing with more than 20000 applicants. please do pray for me to excel in this exam and get appointment for this job

Physical healing

8 months ago by Antonella Pray for me
Jesus, I call to you for so long, I implore you heal me and my mom, we can not go on like this, the pain destroys us and all the other problems suffocate our lives, are at the limit, if you will not let us make us a gift of healing die early because this is just a torture is not life. we have nothing, we can not offer anything to you, I tried to follow everything you said but how likely are not successful in anything. because you are far away and do not answer, because you ignore our pain? help us, this is the last word, the strongest, the cry of despair and pain. Thank you.

Physical Healing

8 months ago by Roshan Mathias Pray for me
Please pray for me i am a worst sexual sinner.I am suffering from full body joint pains,bloating of stomach,weight gain,confusion in mind,memory loss,poor concentration,headaches,dry eyes and eyes becoming reddish,both the side neck pain,thyroid problem,dry skin all over the body,itching of whole body from top of my head to the feet,pain inside stomach,kidney pain,fatty liver, drowsiness,laziness always,gastritis,blood disease,back pain,skin problems all the body,nerves weakness,tiredness,no me St Francis Asis.

to find work

8 months ago by David Hawkins Pray for me
Please pray that I am offered lots of work to pay all my bills and to help others that are less fortunate than myself Amen

cure of nerves and depression

8 months ago by Bernadete Pray for me
Dear St. Francis, please hear my prayer that my fears be removed and my confidence restored and that Joan be cured of anxiety and depression . For all the intentions of my family and friends, all who need the help of you intercession.Thank you

Sick dog

8 months ago by Joie Pray for me
My only child lives far away and my little dog Zeus is my only reason for coming home. Please heal him and keep him in my life.
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