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Coping with Loss

We Are A Ministry of Compassion and Peace 

Grieving loss is a normal response and a very individual one.  Whether you are dealing with human loss or pet loss, we are here to help.  The truth is that all losses, animal or human, can plunge you into despair and may signal the beginning of a profound spiritual-emotional journey. Like grief for humans, grief for animal companions can only be dealt with over time and in stages.

Goodbye Is Never Easy:  Pet Grief Workshop is an on-going pet grief support gathering which meets on the 4th Monday, at 6pm, in Covington, Louisiana at PJs Coffee on Hwy. 190 at Three Rivers Road.  The manual used is not required and meditations, therapeutic journaling and pet memorial ceremony.  

Pet Memorials:  Many religions tell us we need to be compassionate.  We need to be kind.  We need to provide unconditional love to all.   If that is the standard by which we are to be judged – pets must be the role models for us to follow.  Typically, a pet memorial is held at the person's home and in the backyard.  Often, the pet has been pre-buried or has been cremated and this is a ceremonial time to inter the pet's ashes.  There is a formatted funeral that is followed which can include family pet remembrances and a memory candle lighting. 

Pet Memorials are serious and very healing for the bereaved loved ones especially children.  Donations are appreciated, but not required.  As pastor, I can offer you a sacred service for your beloved pet.  For more information, please contact me below.  

 Ministry of St. Francis of Assisi

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Caffy was found one very hot August day as a teeny kitten.  I picked her up and looked to see if there were any other kittens - there were none.  I took her immediately to a veterinarian who warned me to not get attached, she will most likely not pull through.  The vet started an IV drip because she was so incredibly dehydrated.  The next morning, I called and Caffy was still alive.  Again, the vet warned to not get attached because a teeny kitten that young out in the dreadful heat with no means of fluid will certainly have kidneys that are taxed and damaged.  Euthanasia was mentioned.  I picked her up and brought her home.

For seventeen years, Caffy slept on my head every single night.  For seventeen years, Caffy was my meditation partner.  For seventeen years, Caffy was my companion, my cat, my confidante.  For seventeen years, I was blessed with her life and love.  Caffy did die due to kidney failure - 17 years after her rescue.  How do I thank a precious cat for giving me so much in that short amount of time?  Seventeen years was not enough. 

The link below is for a New Orleans newspaper article written on Pastor Bonnie and her work with pet grief -


This is a television news piece on the 10-year Hurricane Katrina Memorial with Pastor Bonnie -




















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