Ministry of St. Francis of Assisi

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Prayer Requests

Welcome to the Ministry of St. Francis of Assisi.  We are a ministry of compassion and peace.  We invite you to list your prayer requests on this page.  Please note that this page is checked frequently throughout the day.  Please do not hesitate to contact us with any additional spiritual, end of life or grief needs.  Thank you and God bless you! 

Velvet my cat

over a year ago by Joyce Pray for me
Velvet has a cloudy right eye and I need additional prayers with mine to heal whatever is going on with her. Please add her to your prayers thank you

Baby Goats In Need Of Healing

over a year ago by Jo Ann Pray for me
I have 2 precious little baby goats (male & female) that have cleft palate. When they drink milk, some of the milk comes out of their nose. Sometimes they have like raspy breathing & heard it could get worst. They deserve to be healthy & have a normal life like the others. I pray God will touch them & heal them. I ask to please pray for a miraculous recovery for both of them & all the animals in need of prayers. Thank you for your prayers!

Prayer Request for Paws

over a year ago by Samantha Pray for me
Please pray for healing for my cat Paws. He has been throwing up and not eating. He is currently at the vet being monitored over the weekend. The vet found on an x ray he was extremely constipated, and hopefully he is on the road to recovery now. Thank you all!

Prayer Request For My Dog

over a year ago by anonymous Pray for me
Please ask God to heal my Dog. I will take him to the vet in the morning but I ask God to watch over him tonight and to please help him to feel better if it be His will. I do ask God to please touch and heal the animals who have loving owners and have posted their requests here too.

Foster kittens having surgery today

over a year ago by anonymous Pray for me
Please pray for four kittens that we are fostering as they undergo spaying & neutering today. They also need prayers to help find they're forever families. Caramel, Clara, Russell & Tony are sweet, affectionate & fun little cats and need God's blessings for a full & happy life. We already have 6 cats of our own, so we cannot keep them. We're praying for all the requests here as well. Thank you & God bless!

Healing for my puppy

over a year ago by anonymous Pray for me
Please pray for my 6 month old Lab puppy..she has paralysis of the mouth and tongue and must be fed through a tube. It happened so fast and the vet doesn't know what happened or what else we can do. I love her so much, she's so good. Please say a prayer that she will be healed.

Upcoming tests

over a year ago by Glenda Pray for me
Babs is my friend Stephanie's pitt bull who right before Christmas had problems with fluid gathering in her lungs and the vet hadn't given a very promising prognosis. After posting prayer requests for Babs she made a MIRACULOUS turn around!! Tomorrow she has to go back for followup tests and I'm asking once again that you join me in my prayer that it shows what WE already know.....Babs received a MIRACLE!! Please pray also for Stephanie bc she is so nervous and I'm asking that God touch her and bless her with peace that only HE can supply!! Thank you for each and every prayer sent that has already been sent up on their behalf! I pray that God blesses each of you in a very special way!!

Pray for my dogs

over a year ago by kim Pray for me
We have a 5 year old dog. He's been the only pet for the majority of his five years. We just got a new puppy. The older dog, Winston, is afraid of the puppy. He runs from him and hide from him. However, today he growled at the new puppy. Please pray for five year old Winston. Also pray for the new puppy. His name is Echo. I want them to be able to get alone peacefully and playfully. Thank you. Kim

Prayers for Pheobe

over a year ago by Patricia Pray for me
Please pray for Pheobe. She has a gut infection and fluids in her lungs, so the doctor said she may have tick fever. Please pray that the meds would work as it is touch and go. I love Pheobe very much. Thank you

prayers for Lucy

over a year ago by Martha Pray for me
Lucy is having issues with her hind legs... please pray that her weakness is only temporary.
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